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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday, August 23, 2006. Yesterday, I scheduled an appointment with a different neuro that is TOUCH certified to write Tysabri scripts (wanna hear something strange? He was the very first neuro I saw back in 1976 when I received my dx! Whoa). He is outside the Kaiser network, and I am currently waiting for the referral (going though the Kaiser maze again from my neuro at Kaiser to Member Services as this should help keep my costs down, we'll see though). I also need to get my MRI film (which was done last month), for my outside neuro to review when he sees me on 10/31!! I am on a cancellation list for an earlier appt. (Damn Kaiser!-oops). I also called the Biogen rep that services So. Calif., and left a message for him to call me back re: neuros names and phone numbers that he knows are certified to write Tysabri scripts.

I'm still searching for a TOUCH certified neuro near me that can evaluate me prior to 10/31, because I'm afraid that date will be too late for me to remain eligible for Tysabri, as it is for "relapsing" forms of MS, and my disease process is very active (I am currently SPMS with relapses, and I pray my dx doesn't change by 10/31).................. :/

Hey Corley, I see your comment on my blog! (I'm surprised anyone even read my first post!! LOL). You're sooo sweet for making my day with such kind thoughts and well wishes..thank you!

More on my Tysabri Saga later. Lordy, I just wanna feel that needle in my arm, and Tysabri coursing throughout my body...stopping my MS in it's tracks!



  • At 3:48 PM, Blogger Linda D said…

    Yep...the insurance dance can be quite tiresome! I doubt I even need to say, "Don't give up", because I don't think that's even a remote flicker of thought in your mind right now. LOL

    Best to you on your return down the Tysabri road...

    Linda D. in Seattle


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