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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Tysabri Diary...I just got home from my 10th Tysabri infusion, Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaw!

WOW...STILL no side effects, YaaaaaY!
Usually I feel a little tired after my infusion but I don't think it's the infusion itself... it's usually the long drive (53 miles one way in rush-hour traffic) that wears me out and I feel the need to take a nap afterwards... this time though, WOWZERS... I'm SOOOO ready to go...(whistling "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" - heehee).

hope that I feel before and after each infusion is absolutely incredible... I wish each of you could feel what I'm feeling right now. If any of you who know me thought I was positive before - WELLLLLLL......LOOK OUT WORLD, HERE I COME!

Gosh I can hardly wait until tomorrow, to see what the new day brings...and considering the weather out here has been in the triple digits all last week (which left me feeling like a wet noodle), for me to anticipate a new day with this triple digit heatwave we're in... that's really saying something! And my Tysabri vial, has a new lot # and new expiration date...whoa!

Oh, and I even got my appetite back...Chinese food tonight - chicken chow mein, fried rice, eggrolls with a sweet and sour sauce, fortune cookies, and for dessert - Black Forest chocolate ice cream with brownie bits and cherries mixed in - YUM! (good Lord, I sound like I'm on steroids, LOL!)

Okay, Ray (my caregiver) is yelling "Dinner is ready"..., so I've got to go..., Have a great evening everybody! Take care,

Love, Lauren :)
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  • At 8:12 AM, Blogger Merelyme said…

    are things still going well? please update us when you can!


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