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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

My Tysabri Diary...

Hi everyone, I had my 61st Tysabri infusion yesterday, Tuesday, 6/7 and everything went fine, but the most amazing thing has happened..., I had a mole on my leg a little bit bigger than the size of a pea and it was dark, however now, it has almost disappeared, shrinking in size down to the size of an eraser on a small pencil, and it is now pink!

I am so shocked and amazed at this new development, and pleasantly pleased at the same time. I'm still a little tired after my infusion so I'm taking it easy for a couple of days.

Take care everyone...,


Love, Lauren :)


  • At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Lauren. It has been a long time. MsScarlet from MsRefugees. I'm still on Tysabri, it will be five years in September. I'm still doing well. Go where I want to go, when I want to go. I still check in on you!

  • At 10:44 AM, Blogger Lauren said…

    Hi there Cathy! So good to hear from you again and I'm so pleased you are still doing great on Tysabri.

    Take care dearheart..., Lauren :)

  • At 11:17 AM, Blogger scots_attitude said…

    Greetings from scotland! Just like to say I've read several tysabri diaries on Internet and yours always helped me. I was diasgnosed in January and been on tysabri since then. It's been fantastic after two quick attacks I was in wheelchair and into rehab from feb till April. I finally managed to return to work this week!!! I am still constantly anxious about future but reading your story helps give me courage and reassuarance!
    Thanks for all the help and keep it up!

  • At 7:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    HI Lauren!! I've read your blog a few times since I started using Tysabi. Great to hear how other people are dealing with their treatment. Just had my 11th infusion today. Like you tired, but maybe thats because i laughed with my friend the whole time!! Keep up the blog, it's great for us fairly new to the treatment. Oh, I also tested negative for the jcv antibody so i will not need a break!! woohoo!!!! Karen

  • At 12:00 PM, Blogger Lauren said…

    Hi there Johnny and Karen, I am so happy for both of you, and thank you so much for the comments you left on my blog..., take good care now and enjoy your upcoming weekend!

    Lauren :)


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