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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday, Aug. 24, 06 My Tysabri/Kaiser So. CA SAGA continues....Still calling around for a certified neuro near me...seems my little 'hole in the wall' area was left out of the "TOUCH" program in-servicing area for neuros by Biogen. No return call yet from their rep that I placed yesterday. I called my neuro at Kaiser So. Calif. as she requested I check with her every 2 weeks (errrr, sorry-I'm calling every week since it's my life on the line re: Tysabri) to see if any progress has been made with the training. Left message for her to call back (LMFCB before the weekend).

Some interesting info I found out yesterday from the Kaiser Member Services gal assigned to assist me in my search for info, and processing of forms, throughout the Kaiser maze: she told me yesterday she placed a call to No. Calif. Kaiser's Pharmacy (that makes decisions or can answer detailed/complicated issues re: drugs and the formulary, including Medicare related issues), and she hopes to get back to me Friday or sometime next week.

She also mentioned two very interesting items: 1) the "gag order" placed on Biogen (from looking in my computer file I would imagine) had to do with the Biogen pharmacy seeking information about me as a MS patient; 2) No. Calif. Kaiser is certifying neuros and infusion centers, but not currently So. Calif. Kaiser. When I asked why not, she said she didn't know, but the Biogen reps can contact the neuros (I asked her if she would repeat that last statement, and she did!!!).

So the questions that beg to be asked are: Why haven't they scheduled in TOUCH training for neuros and infusion centers down here yet, and why is No. Calif. Kaiser receiving preferential treatment, while So. Cal. Kaiser (patients) are being discriminated against???

That's all I know for now. SOOOO unbelieveably frustrating are the new roadblocks MS patients have to deal with now, like we don't have enough on our plate in just dealing with our MS daily??? Grrrrrrr. (I know, I know, stress and MS don't mix...but tell Kaiser that!).

The long and winding road........ :/



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