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Monday, August 28, 2006

Kaiser Permanente So. Calif./Tysabri Saga continues.......,

Whoa, more good news from Kaiser... I got off the phone earlier today with the members services rep from Kaiser who's been helping me through their gawd-awful maze. She told me that Tysabri will be covered under Part B of the Sr. Advantage Plan! (Medicare HMO Plan, Note: I was originally advised that Tysabri would not be covered under Kaiser's Senior Advantage Plan either under Part B or D as it was excluded as experimental!!!)

This is a classic example of patients being their own advocate (do you guys think by me calling Medicare originally to find out if it was covered under their Part B [yes it is!] had anything to do with stressing this fact to my member services rep before she called Kaiser's Head Oakland Pharmacist to inquire why Tysabri was originally not covered under the Sr. Advantage Plan - Medicare HMO Plan as being "experimental"?????).

Only 2 remaining hurdles to overcome: 1) remaining SPMS with relapses and 2) getting Kaiser So. Calif. to speed up their in-servicing of the neuros and infusion centers!!!



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