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Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Tysabri Diary....., this is also from my acquaintance as opined above:

"As you all probably know, MS usually starts manifesting itself clinically between the ages of 20-40. It rarely kills. Instead it slowly, but inexorably causes more and more culmulative neurological damage and disability. Patients live with the disease for many decades.

Although in a strict scientific sense, one can not compare results from one trial to another, I believe the overwhelming majority of neurologists would opine that Tysabri is more efficacious than any of the CRABS. If one looks at the results of the large phase 3 trials, the interferons produced a reduction in the progression of disability in the range of 33-36%. Copaxone was not able to demonstrate a statisitical significant reduction in the progression of disability. Tysabri showed a reduction in the progression of disability of apprx. 42%. Now this difference between the interferons and Tysabri does not appear that great (at least for 1 year). But try a bit of compounding as it relates to efficacy. Take that 6-9% difference and compound that out 10 , 20, 30, or 50 years. The differences in disability progression are dramatic.

Of course this assumes that the rates in the reduction of the progresiion of disability remain fairly constant. We have 2 year data. And we have 3 year data showing no significant change in rates.

No one is focusing much at this issue because 1) we don't have any certainty if the rates will continue to hold and 2) everyone is still consumed with the risk side of the equation.

Over time however, as the risk profile becomes more defined, and these tens of thousands of patients are followed for longer periods of time, the true magic of compounding should come into focus.

I submit that when neurologists start to compare the neurological results of patients 4-5 years on Tysabri versus 4-5 years on the CRABS, the results will sway more patients and earlier treatment to Tysabri."

I found his opinions very interesting and very rational ..., have a great day everyone.


Love, Lauren :)


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