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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Tysabri Diary.....,

Good morning everyone, I wanted to post a very short survey that is being conducted by my friend Stuart, and you can also answer these 4 short questions on his blog and/or read other comments listed by other Tysabri users.

Have a great rest of this week: (here is the link for Stuart's Tysabri Survey)

1. What did you want Tysabri to do for you?
2. What changes have you noticed since beginning Tysabri?
3. How long did it take for these changes to be noticeable?
4. For How Long have you been using Tysabri?

Here was my reply to his survey:

Hi Stuart,

Thank you for your follow-up "Unofficial Survey for Tysabri Users"..., this should help others tremendously if they are undecided about Tysabri therapy and/or others currently on Tysabri therapy can compare their experiences as shared on your blog by others. I have posted your survey (Link) on my blog so that others may view your survey,and comment if they choose. In answer to your questions:

What did you want Tysabri to do for you?

I was hoping that Tysabri would stop my relapses (or at least slow them down) and slow my disease progression.

What changes have you noticed since beginning Tysabri?

I have noticed that I have hope once again in my life, and I no longer fear waking up each day with the thought of "what has MS taken from me today?". My quality of life has greatly improved and I have a renewed positive view when looking at my future.

How long did it take for these changes to be noticeable?

When I was first on Tysabri therapy (before it was removed from the market for 18 months), within two weeks of my first infusion back in 2/05, I noticed that my right drop but was gone, my limp was gone, my optic neuritis in my right eye had completely cleared up, my slurred speech was gone, and my balance issues were just starting to clear up. I put away my walker and just used my cane for better balance.

Unfortunately, I suffered a severe relapse during the time that Tysabri was not on the market. I am now confined to a wheelchair, but since restarting Tysabri in 10/06, I have not had one single relapse nor any new lesions showing on my recent MRIs. My MS is now stable, woo hoo!

For How Long have you been using Tysabri?

I have been on Tysabri therapy for almost 3 years.

I hope this information is of some help to others, take care now...,
Love, Lauren :)


  • At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Ms. Campbell said…

    Hello, My name is Ms. Campbell I have been diagnose with MS in June 06 they had a real hard time confirming it until a had a severe relapse in Oct 08 which left me in a wheelchair. My whole right side went out, my speech was slurred and I had double vision in one eye. I met this attorney whom suggested that I try tysarbri. He also suggest that I come on your web page to hear inspirational stories. Let me tell you I am glad I did. After a few months of Tysarbri, my double vision, my slurred speech went away. And get this I am now walking without any assistance and I even went back to work. Im still not at 100% yet, I still have numbness in my feet and my right hand havent regain full strenghth yet but it hasnt been a full year yet. I am hopeful that soon everything will be well. I just thank God and you for helping me through the most difficult time of my life.ECAMP78@HOTMAIL.COM


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