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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Tysabri Diary...

Before I discuss my 47th Tysabri infusion, please note what I have posted on a popular MS website, where one person was looking for a "guarantee" with Tysabri therapy, and another person answered their questions, but I added the following post to the website on that thread:

"I would have to agree with XXXs' answer in her post to you XXXX, with the exception of this statement "in fact it is, strictly speaking, only supposed to prevent further deterioration or exacerbations, not improve current function"..., Tysabri was designed to prevent further relapses and slow the disease process down, and there is proven data which supports the claims that Tysabri has sustained effect on relapses for up to three years, demonstrates the improvement in a MS patient's Quality of Life, reduces vision loss, demonstrates improvement in cognitive function, demonstrates improvement in function (providing the prior damage is not permanent), demonstrates significant reduction in steroid use & hospitalizations, promotes re-myelination, and provides greater treatment satisfaction as reported by MS patients. All of these claims are backed up by data which I have posted here on this thread numerous times.

There are no "guarantees" with any medication on the market, no matter which medication you are at asking about. If any medication to treat MS comes with a "guarantee", that is nothing more than false advertising, because nothing in life is guaranteed other than eventually death.

So going on better things to discuss, I completed my 47th Tysabri infusion yesterday, and even though I'm still a little bit tired today, I slept really, really good last night and probably will sleep well again tonight..., I get my "burst of energy" approximately 3 to 4 days after my infusion. And I must say this infusion went really well because not only did my infusion nurse get a good vein on the first stick, there were two new infusion nurses being trained to be "Touch Certified", and were asking all kinds of questions about Tysabri & MS (guess I was in the right place at the right time, huh? - heehee)."

Have a great day everyone - Lauren Smile


  • At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Lynn said…

    I very much like how you responded to the post and am happy you included what you wrote in your journal. There was a time when Tysabri was attributed with Superhuman powers, which made me uncomfortable. I'm realistic pragmatist. Just stating what it does and that it delivers is much more reassuring to a realistic pragmatist at 20 infusions. Its grounded in reality. I liked reading it. Congrats on having done 47 infusions

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