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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Tysabri Diary.....,

Hi everyone, there has been much discussion and confusion regarding whether or not the test/assay is available for patients to test for the JC virus.

A neurologist friend of mine that is Touch Certified, and has many patients of his on Tysabri, informed me of the following with regard to the JC assay/test:

"The blood assay/test is not a direct test for JC Virus, but a test for antibodies to the JC virus. The theory being 'all previously exposed to JCV will have developed antibodies to the JC virus. No exposure, then no antibodies and then no risk for PML', that is the theory anyway. It is my understanding that all TOUCH facilities may request to join the trial. The first 9000 current Tysabri patients will be given the tests at no charge, and Biogen will pay the doctor/infusion center for the extra time involved."

Once I get more information as it becomes available from him, I will post it.

Have a good day everyone!

Lauren Cool


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