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Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Tysabri Diary...,

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I had my 41st Tysabri infusion yesterday, and boy was I thankful everything went superduper smoothly. I am also very thankful that I am on the best and most effective MS therapy available to us MS patients, and I am also very thankful for all of the friends I have made that have posted on my blog.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the very kind & sincere birthday wishes I received from everyone. Turning 55 so far is turning out to be a good year!

The two infusion nurses that gave me so much trouble last month at Kaiser are no longer there (whew), and I also learned that two more patients are now receiving Tysabri at my small infusion center. The two new infusion nurses will shortly be Touch Certified so as not to overburdened the two remaining infusion nurses.

I got a very good night's rest last night, and I woke up with a very clear mind (I've noticed that over these last few infusions, my cognitive issues seem to have been pretty much resolved--yaaay) --but I am still just a little tired today. My caregiver Ray & I cooked yesterday after my infusion (a broccoli casserole, a sweet potato pie, turkey dressing, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, turkey gravy,a Turkey breast stuffed with softened butter, cilantro, garlic, & lemon zest, and a homemade cherry cheesecake). Oh I'm getting hungry just thinking about all the food we made, yummy yummy yummy.

So may each of you, your family, loved ones and friends have a very wonderful, safe, and joyous Thanksgiving Day!

Gobble gobble ( heehee )



  • At 4:57 AM, Blogger Deb said…

    Happy things are going well for you- your meal sounded awesome.
    Have you heard about this and what are your thoughts?


  • At 1:50 PM, Blogger Lauren said…

    Thank you Deb, hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic.

    I've read some about this procedure/discovery by Dr. Zamboni and I find it very interesting, but I still think it's too early to tell about its success rate.

    Dr. Zamboni states "the blockages are the cause rather than the consequence of MS and that they allow iron from the blood to leak into the brain tissue, where it causes damage."

    What I don't understand is why many, many neurologists that are in the "diagnosis stages" of MS, and perform angiograms on some of their patients, have never noted the "blockages" before in the patients they've been testing..., if blockages are a common denominatorin MS patients, why hasn't anyone noticed these before, and why are so many MS patients doing well on Tysabri which blocks inflammation cellsfrom crossing the Blood Brain Barrier, just like steroids in usually do?

    I believe that more research & testing will need to be done in a very very large control group of trial patients.

    Got to run now, take care Deb --

    Lauren :)

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