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Saturday, December 04, 2010

HUGE breaking news as it relates to Tysabri!

Hi everyone, I just saw this on a MS message board as it relates to Tysabri treatment/JC virus/development of PML:

"There's potential new treatment for PML that I haven't seen posted on the form yet that's good news for Tysabri users, in the patient treated with this new treatment that developed PML it “The combination therapy succeeded in eradicating the polyomavirus JC, the virus that causes PML, in less than two weeks following initiation of CYT107 treatment, and four weeks following the introduction of CMX001”. XXX/Jim

I then posted the following reply:

"Thank you Jim for posting that information, this could most definitely help MS patients that might develop PML from the JC virus being activated, and I also wonder if the treatment (which is an antiviral treatment) could be used to eradicate the JC virus altogether if a person tests positive for carrying the dormant JC virus by having antibodies to the virus show up (in other words, before it could even develop into PML). If so, this would put at ease the fears of any patient on Tysabri that tests positive for carrying a dormant form of the JC virus in their system. I can hardly wait for more data to be released regarding that matter."

Why hasn't Biogen posted anything about this before? Considering they already have a very sensitive test which can determine if a patient carries the JC virus (because it tests for JC virus antibodies), combined with the effective antiviral treatment mentioned above, can you imagine how many MS patients would no longer be afraid of using/starting Tysabri, would not longer be afraid of developing PML if they tested positive for carrying JC virus antibodies, and would not have to even consider stopping Tysabri up to the two-year mark, etc.? I'd be shouting this information from the rooftops!

Jmho..., Lauren


  • At 3:20 PM, Anonymous Treatments for Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy said…

    Hi Lauren. This indeed could be a breaking news if they were to succeed. I also think that Biogen could benefit from the success of this research. I wonder if they would jump in with financial support and boost the research. I might add that the case study was made on one patient which is far from conclusive data, but in this this could be promising.
    While I'm here I was wondering if you heard of this research:
    Its not about PML, but its about MS and seems promising too.



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