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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Exciting Tysabri News!

Atlanta, GA The MSCA has started infusing MS patients with Tysabri! See:

What caught my eye was that the article presented the true facts about Tysabri, including the true facts and small risks of PML (rare) "...After an extensive safety study in which no further cases of PML were found, the FDA approved the re-release of the medication in July 2006...In its early stages of development, the MSCA was the only site in Georgia to be involved in the pivotal international clinical trials for TYSABRI, and the center has more than three years of experience in managing patients on TYSABRI therapy.

Research suggests the drug works by preventing immune cells from migrating from the bloodstream into the brain where they can cause inflammation and potentially damage nerve fibers and their insulation. Studies found that TYSABRI reduced the formation of new, enhancing lesions of MS by 92 percent and reduced the number of MS attacks by 68 percent....

The MSCA provides this additional treatment option to patients with relapsing forms of MS. The drug is administered intravenously once every four weeks and studies show that the medication initially begins working after the first dose, and is even more effective after the second dose...". [emphasis added in bold].

Additionally, please note the following with regard to and MS Active Source:

MSPatientsForChoice has been revamped and updated

The new website format for is up, and it looks great!

-- They now have individual state maps showing neurologists and infusion centers, and will be working to identify those that have completed their TOUCH enrollment.

-- There is an animation that shows how Tysabri works

-- There is information on getting financial assistance for Tysabri infusions.

To find Tysabri-enrolled neurologists and infusion centers near you, call:MSActiveSource at 1-800-456-2255 and give them your ZIP Code. They should be able to identify two or three options closest to you. If the person at MSActiveSource is unable to do so, please ask for a supervisor, and then email them at with a report of what you found (including the names and telephone numbers of the neurologists and infusion centers so that they can build our own data base, and any problems you may have had in accessing the data).

Please encourage your friends to do the same, including reporting the information to us at: In time, they should have a reasonably good data base of TOUCH-enrolled neurologists and infusion centers.

To Penny and Zeb: Thank you for your comments. Know that we will all get through this together. Heck, my neuro at Kaiser So. Calif. hasn't even completed the TOUCH training program yet, and isn't expected to until mid-October!

Best wishes to you both on your upcoming will both do just fine! Raising my Tysabrini drink to you soon (Clink Clink)
((((hugs)))) Love, Lauren :)


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