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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

(me and my beautiful Teddy - '97 or '98)

My Tysabri Diary...

Hi everyone, I had my 51st Tysabri infusion yesterday, and all went well..., I must say that my infusion nurse at Kaiser Permanente is probably one of the best infusion nurses that they have. She is able to just stick me once, and boom, the infusion needle is in, and I'm on my way to receiving my infusion..., I just love that!

I saw that young girl there again at my infusion center, as well as her mom, and she is really doing well! She left shortly after my infusion began, and she walks and talks beautifully..., you really could not tell she had MS, woo hoo!

I am still a little tired today, so I think I'll go take a power nap now..., take care everyone!


Love, Lauren :)


  • At 9:15 AM, Blogger Deb said…

    Happy things are going well for you with Tysabri and thanks for another post of the retro-photo of you! My daughter had her
    2nd baby and has had the blood work done to return to her Tysabri infusions soon. She said Biogen in following her situation to see how a "break" in the infusion process due to pregnancy impacts the patient. Needless to say, we are interested as well, and are hopeful the bloodwork gives her the green light to continue. Take care and enjoy that lovely weather around you!

  • At 11:20 AM, Blogger Lauren said…

    Thank you so much Deb, and congratulations to you and your daughter!

    Please keep me posted as to your daughter's blood test results..., I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day holiday!

    Take care now, Lauren :)


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