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Friday, November 30, 2007

My Tysabri Diary...15th Tysabri infusion report
I just woke up from a long nap. I am happy to report that I still have no side effects or infusion site reactions. Even with the cold, rainy, dreary day out here, I was happy to have been headed off for my 15th infusion only a few miles away, rather than fight the rush-hour traffic in the rain going 53 miles one way like I used to have to do. Wooohooo!

The funny thing was, most of the infusion patients (not Tysabri patients of course-ha ha) were canceling and reschedule their appointments due to the rain.

My infusion nurse is so wonderful, she got me on the first stick. Even one of my favorite infusion nurses was there (she had just returned from her vacation) and had pictures galore to share with me which helped pass the time, and before I knew it, it was time for me to leave!

An update on the young girl that was receiving Tysabri and was so disheartened after receiving only one or two (I believe) infusions. My nurse spoke to her mother after I had been there last month and conveyed my message to her. I am even more happy to report that I was advised today that this young girl has perked up quite a bit, and has hope once again... she is even starting to see some minor improvements in her balance and slurred speech. My nurse also stressed to her mother that as I explained to her last time, if Tysabri is able to slow down the disease process and prevent further relapses, then it is doing the job for her daughter. What a wonderful early Christmas present it must be not only for the young patient, but for her family as well.

Ray just now returned with mudslides and pizza, so I'm off now for a late dinner.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, take care now.

Love, Lauren :)
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  • At 1:10 PM, Blogger Cyndee said…

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I included Thanking God for my Tysabri.
    December it will be One Year since I started Tysabri and I haven't had an exacerbation for a whole year!! I also have such energy for 8-10 days after my infusion and plan my month around that date to get everything Big that needs to get done.
    We are so Blessed to have had the chance to start Tysabri. I wish everyone could be on it!

  • At 3:16 PM, Blogger Blinders Off said…


    When I read about your success and Cyndee comment about Tysabri, it makes me want to try it.

    If I ever have another IPIR with Copaxone, I will be trying Tysabri. Other than experiencing an IPIR, a couple of months ago, my MRI's have been stable and I have not had an exacerbation in 7 months, but it is nice to know there is another choice if I have to change by therapy treatment.

  • At 3:17 PM, Blogger Lauren said…

    I did Cyndee, thank you... I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too! And Amen to everything else you said!

    And to D,I am so glad to hear that Copaxone is working you and that your MRIs have been stable. Whenever we have choices, it's a good thing!

    All my best, Lauren :)


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