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Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Tysabi diary...

I am posting this on my Blog for a friend of mine. He helps a lot of us with MS by providing information re: MS...many people (MS'ers) are asking him for Tysabri experiences by those of us on Tysabri therapy, therefore myself and many of my friends took his Tysabri poll, and sent same to him so that we could help our fellow MS'ers. IF you are currently on Tysabri, you can help others too by taking the Tysabri poll (anonymously if you wish). For more information re: this Tysabri Poll, see excerpts from the email below that I received today from our website:


“Stu’s Views and MS Related News” is an email sent every few days by Stuart Schlossman in Florida to hundreds of MS patients around the country. Yesterday, he included a poll asking those who are already being infused with Tysabri to report their initial findings. He asked us to forward the poll question to everyone on our email list, which I am now doing (pasted below my signature). I have NOT provided Stu with your email addresses, although some of you may already be getting his emails.

Please send a paragraph or so to Stu at:

You can also ask him to add you to his email distribution list if you would like to receive a copy of his email newsletter.

It is important that Stu hear from as many Tysabri patients as possible so that he can get a balanced and broad view of how folks are doing after 1, 2, or even (for a few of you) 3 infusions.

Please also:

forward this email to everyone you know who is being infused;
post a request for responses on MS websites you visit;
bring copies to your next infusion to give to the other patients who are also getting infused; and
if you know patients on Tysabri who do not have access to a computer, please speak with them and send a response on their behalf.

Remember–for more information on Tysabri and assistance with TOUCH enrollment or insurance reimbursement difficulties, please go to our website:

Stu's Views and MS Related News
Bringing You Knowledge and Info That Can Help You To Better Understand Your Illness
Knowledge IS Power
Disclaimer: This website and all related pages and blogs is solely my own personal views
and research.
I am not an expert in the field of MS as a Neurologist
Subject : Tysabri POLL for those having done Tysabri within the last 3 months.
Poll Question: How are you now feeling since beginning Tysabri?

Many people receiving my e-Newsletter have been asking what I am hearing of Tysabri and it's effect and/or benefit on those now using this treatment. If you are using Tysabri and would like to participate in this NON-Documented Poll, then please reply directly to me:

Please tell us of your experience on the day-of your infusion(s), how you felt after the infusion and any benefits that you have yet noticed. Also, to advise if you have had any side effects.

YOUR identity is strictly confidential unless you write to me that it is okay to use your name. Your answers though, might be posted in my newsletter: Stu's Views and MS Related News or be posted within my web-blog Archives:

I do hope that I receive enough answers to provide a fair percentage to those who read the e-newsletter.

Thanking you in advance for your participation.


Stuart Schlossman
I received a call today from my infusion center, scheduling my second Tysabri infusion for 11/16/06, what a wonderful early birthday present!, Woohoo..
Love, Lauren
A very proud member of


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