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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This is from a message board that I frequent- the post below is from a gentleman who's wife has MS, and she just received her 5th Tysabri infusion (I believe):

"My wife continues to do well on Tysabri. No significant change in her status (which I will gladly accept).

Spoke to my wife's neurologist yesterday. Hadn't spoken with him for a few months. He states that he and his group have well over one hundred patients currently on Tysabri. One patient experienced an allergic reaction and had to discontinue. One patient developed a 'suspected' case of Herpes Zoster which may or may not be related to Tysabri. The patient is doing fine. No other side effects to report.

On the efficacy side, he states that most are doing well and FEELING BETTER. (Quality of Life). He has seen some patients improve on their neurological exams. One patient is out of her wheelchair. He remarked that hardly no one feels better on the interferons and while most tolerate Copaxone well (as long as one doesn't develop injection site reactions) he is not too impressed with Copaxone's efficacy.

Overall he is very pleased with Tysabri and continues to believe it is the best therapy available for MS today. He has stated to me a number of times that if he or a family member had MS, Tysabri would be his choice. I asked about what he has heard regarding other neurologists and their opinions regarding Tysabri. He stated that many are still scared of PML. He himself feels the risk/reward strongly favors tysabri."

Smart doc, if you ask me....wooooohoooooo! :)

Love, Lauren
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