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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Tysabri Diary...

5th Tysabri Infusion yesterday on 2/19/07...

I was pretty tired due to us having to drive in torrential rains for 90
mins. to get there for my infusion, and I have a nice bruise on my wrist
delivered by a prick (that term works for both the male infusion nurse
and the needle - owieee), so I turned in early...but I did want to report
that I inquired again of the Infusion Admin if the 'other' Tysabri patients
had been infused there yet (from my Jan. inquiry), and she said, "Oh yes
several have - no problems either".......WOOOOOHOOOOO!

Also - here is my comment posted on the Utah (Tysabri) story-

you can vote and comment too (this story should get a lot of publicity)
The reporter already posted a correction and a comment (smiling)...

Report Comment by Lauren R. @ 8:32pm - Mon Feb 19th, 2007
The KSL reporter wrote: "Darren was given what is called the Tysabri therapy.
Physicians have been trying it for a few years now. It doesn't work for all M.S.
patients, but for some, like Darren, the chemo infusion really pays off."

Please note: Tysabri is NOT
chemo-chemo destroys B & T cells, basically wiping
out the immune system.

Tysabri destroys nothing, it is a Selective Adhesion Molecule (S.A.M.) that
attaches itself to the damaging T cells that attempt to cross the Blood Brain
Barrier and enter the Central Nervous System where they attack our myelin,
leading to nerve damage and axonal loss (disability) for most of us. However,
since Tysabri can successfully prevent a majority of them crossing the BBB, this
stops the cascading effects of the T-cells from bombarding our CNS and if some
of the T cells are able to make it through the BBB, Tysabri is able to migrate
(move) them away from our myelin adding double protection there too.

Classifying Tysabri as 'chemo' does a terrible disservice to MS patients looking
for information on MS therapies. I have had 5 Tysabri infusions thus far.

For accurate and correct info re: Tysabri - including Tysabri Patient Progress
Reports, go to: am delighted at
Darrel's recovery, but terribly disappointed in your reporter's "research".

Sincerely, Lauren Roberts (MS sufferer for 31 years).

I'll post again when I catch up on my sleep.

Love, Lauren
A very proud member of


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