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Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Tysabri Diary...I got a Christmas kitten!

Apparently, my friends John and Chuck were in cahoots together and decided to rescue a kitten for me, and Chuck delivered a Christmas kitty to me on Thursday 12/6! And he brought all kinds of goodies for her too! She's just so adorable, but she has not shut up or laid down since she arrived!

She is a rescue kitten, and was just spayed that day. The rescue shelter told Chuck that she would be out of it for a couple of days (yeah right-LOL). It is almost like she is on speed! This post is from Thursday night, 12/6.

I haven't thought of a name for her yet as I want to give her a couple of days so that her personality could shine through, and maybe I can work with that. (Although at the moment, the name "firecracker" comes to mind-LOL).

My caregiver Ray is not too thrilled as he is not a cat person. She has been following him around like a little puppy, and it's so cute, although he almost stepped on her twice!

I am hoping that she will settle down in a couple of hours because as it is now, she has been all over my keyboard, stepped on the escape key twice, attacked the flashing cursor three times, knocked over my juice bottle, crawled on top of my head, and took a flying leap off my desk. Of course, Ray is of no help and only wants to watch a basketball game on TV, men!

Right now, I think she might be starting to settle down a bit as she's curled up on my lap with her little paws resting on the mouse, in a little ball, purring her brains out...she definitely is a little love bug as she was all over Chuck and jumping up into my lap and just could not get enough of someone petting her.

Well, I'm off now to see if I can get her to go to sleep with me. Wish me luck!

Chuck took pictures of her and when I get them developed, I'll try to post a picture of her here. She looks like a little gray striped Tiger, but acts like a baby koala bear with razor-sharp claws on methamphetamines - go figure - heehee.

Love, Lauren :)
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