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Friday, January 23, 2009

My Tysabri Diary.....,

Hi everyone,

I had my 30th Tysabri infusion on Wednesday..., all went fine. My infusion nurse even got me with just one stick, yay!

Nothing really new to report other than my very small infusion center has two new Tysabri patients, yay again!

Since my MS is remaining stable while on Tysabri, I have received a few e-mails over the last two weeks from MS patients that were inquiring about these deaths, taking a "medication break", and if I'm scared of PML, etc...., also answering the same questions on the different MS boards that continually visit. I've also been correcting misinformation posted about Tysabri on various MS blogs.

What I do find very interesting is that one particular MS board/blog that hosts over 3000 MS patients, their friends, their families & caregivers is that more and more MS patients are posting their experiences while on Tysabri and most of their experiences have been more often than not very positive, encouraging, and upbeat... (this is a very drastic change from a year ago when there were only a few of us posting on that MS/blog).

I guess such a welcome "change" doesn't only apply to our government (heehee).

I'm off to do my physical therapy, so I have a great weekend everyone. My best to you all,


Love, Lauren :)